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[1/10/2019] - [2/9/2019] Tracker Bugfix Rounds

By Aleksa_Djordjic   |   02 Oct 2019 19:38 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

1st Bugfix for v0.3

--==<< Spark Tracker v0.3.0 -=> v0.3.1 >>==--

=-> Changed
    -> Fixed Auto-Updates on Win7 (Potential fix)
    -> Made Messages merge in the Chatbox if they were sent at most 5 min. ago from the same User
    -> Fixed Job Route Caching
    -> Fixed Profile Comments
        -> Fixed Profile Comment's Senders having a black username
        -> Fixed Profile Comments allowing sending of blank comments

2nd (last) Bugfix for v0.3

--==<< Spark Tracker v0.3.1 -=> v0.3.2 >>==--

=-> Changed
    -> Minor Bugfixes and UI changes
    -> Fixed Chatbox message merging ... everyone appeared as 1 user

View Trello Board This post is open to public, although tracker is locked to drivers only and suggestions are accepted only from drivers, any other suggestion will be ignored/deleted (on the Trello) to avoid spam

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