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[13/10/2019] Tracker Update

By Aleksa_Djordjic   |   19 Oct 2019 22:31 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Here is the changelog of the new version:

--==<< Spark Tracker v0.3.2 -=> v0.4.0 >>==--

=-> Added
    -> Added Leaderboards
    -> Added Detailed Job View
    -> Event Rewards

=-> Changed
    -> Minor Bug Fixes
    -> Moved the Console from CTRL+SHIFT+F11 to a dedicated button on the top bar

View Trello Board This post is open to public, although tracker is locked to drivers only and suggestions are accepted only from drivers, any other suggestion will be ignored/deleted (on the Trello) to avoid spam

Spark Developer - Aleksa DJordjic Thank you for reading


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