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Fun times!

By Sjovn   |   06 Feb 2022 09:27 UTC | Updated on 07 Feb 2022 07:37 UTC

During these drives we chat, have fun and laugh together - just like we want it! Yesterday we had a drive in basemap, started up in Vienna and ended in Graz. That reminded me about a sign from this amazing game - its not always about the destination - its about the journey! The best from these drives is all the fun we make together!

Photo by Oakley.

This week we also had several non-planned drives together - just members from our VTC joining voicechat in discord, and more and more people joining in for the drive. If you want to be a part of this go to and apply today!

Next week is special for us! We are having our 3rd anniversary Thursday February 10th! Think of that - 3 years on the road! We are really looking forward to celebrate this together with our amazing members <3

Hope you all had a good weekend - and we wish you all a nice sunday! Keep on truckin'!

Photo by Be4rdy.


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