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Spark Logistics 3rd Anniversary

By Sjovn   |   11 Feb 2022 07:05 UTC | Updated on 11 Feb 2022 07:10 UTC

Spark Logistics was founded February 8th 2019, and what a journey it has been! The founders and all members have together made this community to what it is today! We think many will agree on that we are a big happy family where we can find someone to game with, talk with, discuss with - and most of all laugh with and have fun together with! But its also room for the members that just want to be a part of a group, but not be that active in voicechat or on convoys. Today we have over 300 members and we are very proud of the community we have become!

Yesterday was our celebration, and we met in Bremen for an internal convoy to celebrate this amazing journey. It was fun to see so many meet up, old and new members! Members that have been there from the start, and others that just joined us recently. We had a fun drive together from Bremen to Linz, where we talked, laughed, someone even took a song for us, and it was really a great drive! Thanks to all of you that joined us yesterday, and thanks to all the members that every day make Spark the best family to hang out with!

Happy Anniversary to all of us!

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