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By Sjovn   |   26 Feb 2022 20:29 UTC | Updated on 26 Feb 2022 20:30 UTC

The rules are simple - choose the truck you want, max 750 hp, all have the same trailer and the same route. No F7, but you can load an autosave WHEN you flip! Not if - but when! And the first one to the destination win! Of course made in arcade for those who wonders!

It was a lot of fun, some really good flips - some really good saving it back on the wheels after almost flipping! Lots of laughter! The route went from Kiel to Salzburg, crossing some twisty roads, and some traincrossing that came in the perfect spots - or what?!?

Who won?

  1. Daac86
  2. BHtrucker
  3. Galitianul
  4. Magmus
  5. Diego
  6. Meinman
  7. Tommy
  8. TReagan

Congrats Daac!!

Lets see if you can keep first place after next round ;)


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