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Trucking weekend!

By Sjovn   |   05 Mar 2022 20:44 UTC | Updated on 05 Mar 2022 20:45 UTC

As many of you may know, we have former staff members from Ukraine, and the last week has been really weird, unbelievable to be honest, and we pray for them to be safe! So for us - sitting in a safe spot - life still goes on, but with new worries, questions, fears and hopes. Even tho it feels unfair, we still have met up for some drives together this week, and its been a good break from the news.

Yesterday we joined Stride Haulage to celebrate their first anniversary, and today we had an internal drive together from Sweden to Norway passing the new roads in Promods. It was a really amazing route, especially crossing the Atlantic road. Thanks for some fun times on the road! Another drive coming up tomorrow! Tomorrow we are heading from Sofia to Iasi, and I expect it to be a fun drive as always! In Spark Logistics we join several public events a month, and we host internal drives in ATS, ETS and Promods. Dont hesitate to take contact with us if you want to know more about us.

We wish you all safe travels, and a good weekend! And we pray and hope that the war is coming to an end soon.


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