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By Sjovn   |   25 Mar 2022 20:57 UTC | Updated on 25 Mar 2022 21:00 UTC

Please check out our new feature with ticket system in our discord for invites. We hope that this system will make it easier for you - and for us - to communicate better around event invites. Feel free to open a ticket if you want to invite us for your event, and our event team is ready to help you out :)

Photo: FFracing

As always out month has been busy with events, internal convoys and just randomly meet-ups between members. We have been hosting convoys in promods, ets and ats this month, and a lot of jokes and laughter has been shared :) If you want to join us - apply at our website

Photo: FFracing

Photo: LeonHan

Today we kickstarted the weekend with some jumping in promods. It was a fun drive and a lot of spectacular jumps took place! Thanks all for the energy that got put into this event! Hope you had as much fun as I had!

We at Spark Logistics wants to wish you all a perfect weekend! Have fun out there!


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