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By Sjovn   |   14 Apr 2022 20:02 UTC | Updated on 14 Apr 2022 20:05 UTC

A new version of something really important for our drivers is coming up... What can that be?! While we wait for the news about that, we are having fun together on convoys <3

Today we joined Global Cargo and their monthly event, yesterday we had an ATS event, and last weekend we had several drives together. Members do also meet-up for drives together outside the planned convoys, and that is really good to see!

*Photo: Nedimzo *

*Photo: TReagan *

Earlier this month we did our monthly survey among our members about how it is to be a driver with us, and we got a lot of good feedback. We are still working on finding the best timing for all our internal convoys. We are having members from many timezones, and its not allways that easy to find a good match for everyone, but we try to host internal convoys on different times so more drivers can join in! Dont be afraid to give us suggestions about whats best for you, and we will take a look at it.

Photo: LeonHan

Photo: RTT4

Tomorrow we have a day off from convoys, but we are gathering up again on Saturday for an internal convoy in promods. Hope to see many drivers there! Have a good evening all, see you on the road somewhere!

Photo: TReagan


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