CN-A.T.S*TEAM ETS2/China-A.T.S车队 欧卡2(全力以赴)

2021年2月12日联运公告-Intermodal Announcement of 12 February 2021

By [A.T.S/001]-CN*[CEO-HY]   |   12 Feb 2021 10:30 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

欧洲卡车模拟2 A.T.S Convoy-Team<萌新老司机蒸汽娱乐联机车队 /接待群>><European Truck Simulation 2 A.T.S Convoy-Team< Cute New and Old Drivers Steam Entertainment Online Convoy/Reception Group > 1.联运请勿使用远光灯 2.自己控制车距,车速 3.头车时速回在90以内 4.若前车出现事故后车躲避后跟队继续行驶 5.发生事故后请立即f7 6.7:30-8:00集合 7.8:30发车 8.服务器:S2 9.起点:曼海姆市(大停车场) 10.终点:基尔(修车厂) 11.路线:最佳 12.公里数:1800 13.档案:使用自己的存档 15.驾驶:靠右“ATS联运部提醒您:道路千万条,安全第一条,行车不规范,亲人两行泪” ——A.T.S车队联运部 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><>

  1. Through transport, please do not use high beams

  2. Control the distance and speed by yourself

  3. Speed of the first vehicle should be within 90

  4. If there is an accident in front of the car, the car dodges and the following team continues to move

  5. F7 immediately after an accident

6.7:30-8:00 collection


  1. Server: S2

  2. Starting point: City of Mannheim (large car park)

  3. Terminal: Kiel (garage)

  4. Route: Best

  5. Mileage :1800

  6. Archives: Use your own archive

  7. Driving: Keep right


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