CN-A.T.S*TEAM ETS2/China-A.T.S车队 欧卡2(全力以赴)

2020迎接2021>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A.T.SConvoy{祝福大家新春快乐}A.T.SConvoyBlessing worldHappy New Year!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

By [A.T.S/001]-CN*[CEO-HY]   |   12 Feb 2021 10:46 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

2021已经来到,幸福来敲门,让我们用欢快的呐喊声来祝福2021新春快乐,我们的口号是:[A.T.SConvoy]<<<<<永不放弃、勇往直前,胜利在握,不看眼前>>>>>,为了新的一年,在昨天30夜里在自己的队里举办了圣夜黄昏的4周年活动,让我们已轻盈的步伐走进2021年的终点,来到2021年的世界中,不断进化,不断改善,不断更新-欧洲卡车模拟2,我们也更新了不少-A.T.SConvoy-Team/同样的各有各的差别,各有各进步的优势,我们的优势在于:慢的鸟先飞一圈,我们是没有极限的,不断的进步,不断的去扩大,不断的去实践-交涉-交流-用自己的实力创造一个活力的青年车队,我们不是来用车队养老,而是用智慧来支取我们的劳动,再战吧!年轻人,鼓起你的勇气,走向2021!COME LES'GO~!2021 has come, happiness to knock on the door, let us use cheerful shouts to wish happy 2021 New Year, our slogan is: [A.T.S subsequent acquisition] < < < < < never give up, go forward, victory, don't look at eyes > > > > >, for the New Year, in 30 yesterday night in his own Team held holy night twilight 4 anniversary, let us have lightsome pace came into the end of 2021 to 2021 of the world, evolving, constantly improve, constantly updated 2 - European truck simulation, we also have updated the many - A.T.S subsequent acquisition - the Team/the same each have each different, each have each advantage of progress, our advantage is: Slow bird first fly a circle, we are no limit, continuous progress, continuous to expand, continuous to practice - bargaining - exchange - with their own strength to create a dynamic youth team, we are not to use the team pension, but with wisdom to take our labor, and then fight! Young man, take your courage and go to 2021! COME LES'GO~! !


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Created: 19 Dec 2020 07:47 UTC
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