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A.T.S车队安全行车标语:TruckersMP一定要遵守TMP行车交通规则:【安全规章系生命,自觉遵守是保障】/A. T.S team safety slogan: truckers MP must abide by TMP traffic rules: [safety rules are lif

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A.T.S车队安全行车标语:TruckersMP一定要遵守TMP行车交通规则:【安全规章系生命,自觉遵守是保障】 麻痹是最大的隐患-失职是做大的祸根 生产必须安全-安全促进生产 简化作业省一时-贪小失大若一世 一人把关一处安-众人把关稳如山 与其事后痛哭流涕-不如事前遵章守纪 沾沾自喜事故来-时时警惕安全在 责任时安全之魂-标准是安全之本 - - - - - - - 一定要看好这些标语,让行车的这些所谓鲁莽驾驶消失在我们的眼前,保护好自己的生命,A.T.S车队的队长发表一下意见: 建议从 车库-修理厂-货场出来,左右两边看一眼,不要盲目的直接冲出去,不然被人家REC了,这就是自找没趣,自找烦恼自找麻烦,自己注意两边对象来车,慢慢驾驶,安全的到达重点... ........仔细看认真看,不是白写的![TruckersMP] A. T.S team safety slogan: truckers MP must abide by TMP traffic rules: [safety rules are life, consciously abide by is guarantee]

Paralysis is the biggest hidden danger - dereliction of duty is the bane of greatness

Production must be safe - Safety promotes production

Simplify operation and save time

One guard, one place safe - all guards are as steady as a mountain

It's better to abide by the rules than to cry afterwards

Complacent accident comes - always alert to safety

Responsibility is the soul of Safety - standard is the foundation of Safety - we must be optimistic about these slogans, let the so-called reckless driving disappear in front of our eyes, and protect our lives. The team leader of a.t.s team made a comment:

It is suggested to come out from the garage repair shop freight yard and take a look at the left and right sides. Don't rush out blindly, or you will be rec by others. This is to find yourself boring, trouble and trouble. Pay attention to the objects on both sides. Drive slowly and safely to the key point

... read it carefully. It's not in vain[ TruckersMP]


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