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V T C 介绍-Introduction to VTC :A . T . S Convoy 卡友俱乐部 卡友俱乐部 * Kayou's important players

By [A.T.S/001]-XiaoMing[CEO]   |   17 Jun 2021 14:23 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC
  1. V T C 建立于 2021年初 刚开始VTC队员才9-10人,如今已经50多名正版玩家,车队拥有600多人的交流群,将会跟着欧卡官方的脚步一步一步前进,一步一步过坎坷,希望这此2021过去了我们依然健在,我们永久存货,我告诉你们我们的初衷,我们的初衷:不怕被人骂,不怕做错事,因为我们没有做错事,我们勇于敢作敢当。不要因为什么拉黑,挑衅,就会影响我们发展,那些花里胡哨,多交多姿,我们是不会理睬,我们有时候装傻,有时候出楞,不嚣张,这就是等于保护着车队保护着队员,保护着我们自己,虽然有时候皮一点,但我们犯错了,就会勇于改正,如果对方强硬追究,那就取消合作之间的资格,永久互相拉黑,你过你的,我过我的,我依然吃香的喝辣的,随你去瞧不起那是你的事我并没有受任何影响,不妨显示碰一碰,又何必要呢,少说话多做事,这句话激励着我,但我依然活跃,活跃犯了错,不要紧,但你以后注意自己说的话,自己说话前考虑一下后果,我们虽然有点嚣张?嚣张犯法么不犯法 ! 但不要那种错误的去嚣张,希望各大车队能够理解一下[A.T.SConvoy]VTC was established in early 2021, with only 9-10 VTC members. Now it has more than 50 genuine players, and the team has more than 600 people. VTC will follow the official steps of orca, step by step through the ups and downs. I hope that after 2021, we are still alive and we will keep our inventory forever. I tell you our original intention, our original intention: not afraid to be scolded, We are not afraid to do something wrong, because we have not done anything wrong, and we have the courage to do it. We don't want to influence our development because of any provocation. We don't pay attention to all the fussy things. Sometimes we pretend to be stupid, sometimes we act blatantly and don't be arrogant. This is equivalent to protecting the team, the team members and ourselves. Although sometimes we are a little bit skilful, we will have the courage to correct our mistakes. If the other side is tough to investigate, Then cancel the qualification of cooperation, and forever pull each other black, you have you, I have mine, I am still popular, drink spicy, as you go to look down on it is your business, I have not been affected, might as well show touch, why do you want to, less talk and more work, this sentence inspired me, but I am still active, active, make mistakes, it doesn't matter, But you should pay attention to what you say in the future, and consider the consequences before you speak. Although we are a little arrogant? Do you break the law? No! But don't be arrogant. I hope all teams can understand [a.t.sconvoy]**


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