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Language: English
Created: 31 Dec 2020 15:42 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [CEO] BlackOut
Members: 16
Recruitment: Open

Our Events

Firelodge Logistics 1 Year anniversary

Firelodge Logistics 1 Year anniversary

02 Jan 2022 17:00 UTC


Truckfest And Convoy

To be determined

50 10

Latest VTC Posts

Welcome to Firelodge Logistics

Why Should you Pick Firelodge Logistics And not any other VTC here's Why:

  |   13 Jun 21:44 UTC   |   [CEO] BlackOut

Changing and Restructuring The VTC

Are you Wanting To Join us here at Firelodge Logistics Well we are back up and running Here - INFO ABOUT WHAT WE HAVE CHANGING AND UPDATED

  |   12 Jun 21:48 UTC   |   [CEO] BlackOut

About Firelodge Logistics

You can find all the Information in our discord or here If you have any other Enquiries please feel free to join our discord and ask one of our Staff !

  |   11 Jun 20:13 UTC   |   [CEO] BlackOut

Firelodge Logistics 1 Year Anniversary

Come and Join us on a Very Special Event to celebrate Our Very first year as a VTC Still growing, Still active, fun and Professional VTC - Make sure to pop on along and come and drive with us

  |   11 Jun 20:16 UTC   |   [CEO] BlackOut

Hiring for New Staff

Hello there we are Currently Hiring - Do you want to Apply and help us Out then Head to Our Discord and apply today! -

  |   29 May 13:42 UTC   |   [CEO] BlackOut



Want to know more information or have a question?

By Website By Email


🚚 Requirement's 🚚

  • ✅ - Make sure You meet up with all Requirements
  • ✅ - You Must be 13+ to join
  • ✅ - You are required to speak basic English
  • ✅ - At least 50+ hours on Either ETS2 or ATS
  • ✅ - Microphone required
  • ✅ - Be Willing to Log at least 5,000km Monthly for Our VTC
  • ✅ - Your require to respect everyone inside of our VTC and outside of our VTC.
  • ✅ - Are you willing to Use our In-game Tag
  • ✅ - We expect You to obey the TruckersMP Rules. ───────────────────
  • ❌ - You must Not be in another VTC
  • ❌ - Not More Than 2 Bans in the last 6 months

🚚 Our Team 🚚

  • Upper Management - This is The Team that makes this VTC happen

  • Management - A skilled team of professionals are the backbone of Firelodge Logistics. Their ideas help shape the direction of our VTC as it continues to develop, and they have the What it Takes to get every job done right.

  • Our Directors - Proud and Professional, Helping Our New Recruits with Questions E.C.T

  • Staff Team - Learning to get higher in our VTC


[CEO] BlackOut
[CEO] BlackOut
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Joe Magee
Joe Magee
General Manager
Human Resources / Event Team
Development Team
Development Team
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