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By Chevellе   |   16 Mar 21:10 UTC

Our VTC was previously founded in 2016 when the owner originally started playing on TruckersMP. It was originally founded when it became apparent there was no group that actually played the game to have fun and to grow a family back then. Over time, the VTC grew to become a fairly large group with over 20+ active drivers and staff. Upon the lack of interest in American Truck Simulator and due to everyone going their own ways, the original VTC sadly shutdown in late 2017 due to inactivity on behalf of everyone.

There were several attempts to bring it back, but each attempt failed due to lack of interest.

Late into 2020, Chev decided to venture out to join a VTC and that VTC shutdown due to an agreement between the two owners at the time. Without breaking everyone up in that VTC, we decided to merge that VTC into what this VTC is nowadays, to form a new/old VTC that was truly missed by many past drivers.

Recently, a lot of things have changed with the new VTC and improvements are always being made to better the drivers, as well as upheld the semi-professional standing we have within the community.

We have hit numerous milestones as a small VTC and will continue to hit more in the near future.


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