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China Truckers CHN Event 19

China Truckers CHN Event 19 is scheduled to take place on the 22nd.The significance of this event was extraordinary. The event was set up in the context of "Aids to the Epidemic Assistance Wuhan", and carried out online delivery of aid materials to express concern about the current epidemic situation, concern to people in the epidemic area, and to frontline medical staff, volunteers, The builders (Thunder Mountain, Vulcan Mountain Hospital) are grateful. At that time, we will set off from Hamburg, Germany and Roscoff, France, and gather to the destination family. If you are interested, we welcome you to participate. Be sure to follow the instructions of the field staff. Sever:China TruckersCHN Transport Team(Promods) Wuhan wins! China wins!!

By [G.T.R] I 002 I Driver   |   13 Feb 02:12 UTC


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