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By OhCrumbz   |   28 Jun 2021 15:33 UTC | Updated on 30 Oct 2021 17:25 UTC

Hey there. You are in the right place to get help with applying to join us and how it works.

  1. Join our discord server
  2. Visit #verify channel and do ?verify
  3. Locate the #commands channel and do ?apply.
  4. Our bot will directly message you a question at a time.
  5. After completing all questions we get sent your application.
  6. A member of our staff team or management team will look at your application.
  7. Our bot will send you a DM Providing further information on your application.
  8. You will undertake a interview with a member of our staff/management team.
  9. If you pass the interview a staff/management team will organize a drivers test with you.
  10. After completing the drivers test and passing you will be presented with our drivers handbook
  11. You are then put on a 7 day trial period. After that you will become a full driver.

We have tried to keep our application process simple and easy to follow.

Hope this has helped and see you out there on the road!


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Language: English
Created: 10 Feb 2021 16:15 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: Humenstein
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