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By OhCrumbz   |   30 Oct 2021 17:29 UTC | Updated on 30 Oct 2021 17:30 UTC

When Dash was originally thought up, we wanted a place that felt at home and somewhere safe to be to make friends and memories. We set out everything from day one. We started planning and developing on January 1st and opened to the public in March. We have had an awesome time making many friends and great memories to look back at along the way.

Why are we closing?

Dash Cargo has had some great moments and reached great milestones. However, recently we have found that we have been making a lack of progress with the VTC and lacked the time and motivation to move forward. So unfortunately, we have had to make the tough decision to close the VTC.

What is going to happen to the VTC?

This discord server will be rebranded and repurposed into Zappd Network. The VTC on TruckersMP will be closed. The website will be changed to show users memories, statistics and achievements with a button to visit Zappd website.

All staff will be giving the opportunity to have staff roles at Zappd. We will also be looking for new team applicants once we launch.

Preservation of Dash

A command ?stats will allow you to see all the stats and achievements. A channel has been created where you are able to leave messages about Dash, which will be hand-picked to be displayed on the website.

The Future of Dash

We may reopen Dash Cargo in the future. Currently, we will be focusing our time into creating and improving Zappd Network.

What is going to happen to the Discord server?

As previously said, the Discord server will be rebranded and repurposed into Zappd Network. This means that for the next week or so the server will be a work in progress as we update it. Some sections of Zappd Network may not be available to start with, such as the streamer program. as these can take more time and development than other sections. During this initial period of development, we thank you all for your patience while we get everything in order. If there are any problems, we will have a support channel available and if for whatever reason you cannot use that then please DM one of the @Management and we will try and get any issues resolved as quickly as we can.

What is Zappd Network?****

Zappd Network is going to be a gaming community. It will have different areas for different games. We hope to host Competitions, Events & Giveaways. If there is demand we could create Gaming Teams. We will also be attempting to support streamers and content creators, with a dedicated area for them where they can promote themselves and their content.


We want to thank every single one of you who has been with us on this journey. we couldn't of done it without you, We enjoyed our time. we hope you did to.

Zappd Website: Dash Website:

We will be archiving our website and it will be viewable at archive.dashvtc.com


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