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1.年龄法定14岁周岁以上 2.车队不招收口吐芬芳,不听从指挥,擅自离队的队友 3.需要正版的欧洲卡车模拟2本体游戏 4.参加联运成员必须保持YY静电能够听到头尾车指挥 5.联运期间不可以超车,鸣笛,闪灯等危险操作 6.终点卸挂之后跟着前车行车轨迹进场 7.联运期间禁止使用19无线电 8.起点与终点停好车的立马熄火保持安静 9.不要求时间游戏只为了娱乐开心 10.有空玩游戏不参加联运的直接踢 11.积极参与队伍内日常联运以及大型联运活动


  1. The legal age is over the age of 14. two。. The team does not recruit teammates who spit fragrance, disobey the command and leave the team without permission.
  2. Need authentic European truck simulation 2 ontology game.
  3. Members participating in intermodal transport must maintain that YY static electricity can hear the command of the front and rear cars.
  4. Dangerous operations such as overtaking, honking, flashing lights and so on are not allowed during intermodal transport.
  5. After unloading at the end, follow the track of the car ahead and enter the field.
  6. The use of 19 radios is prohibited during intermodal transport.
  7. When the car is parked at the starting point and the end point, the car will immediately turn off and keep quiet.
  8. Don't ask for time to play games just for fun.
  9. If you have time to play games, you can play directly if you don't participate in intermodal transportation.
  10. Actively participate in daily intermodal transport and large-scale intermodal transport activities within the team





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