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LKW Logistics 6 Month Event

By CEO[LKW Logistics]Nemesis   |   02 Sep 17:20 UTC | Updated on 02 Sep 17:30 UTC

Welcome to LKW Logistics 6 Month Anniversary its been such an amazing time since me and my COO Franek opened LKW back up and it has really been a great the road has been difficult to get where we are now.

As LKW CEO I can not believe we are reaching 6 months it feels like only few weeks ago that we opened LKW back the journey of a VTC is still difficult and reach in being one of the best VTC in Truckers MP one of the challenges is finding good drivers that are willing to join a VTC nothing without drivers.

On the day we hope to have a event server for the convoy If we do manage to get a server meet up will be 4 PM GMT At 4:30 PM GMT Time truck fest will start we will be looking for.


  • Best Paint Job - Iberia
  • Best Formation - Volvo FH Tuning Pack
  • Number of Attendants - Actros Tuning Pack Public
  • Best Looking Truck - Iberia

At 5 PM GMT Convoy will start to depart the departure will be LKW partners then depart by slot numbers public will be last to depart


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