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Mission from Santa Claus

By Maurice (GER)   |   20 Dec 2022 20:30 UTC | Updated on 08 Jan 22:17 UTC

Christmas asked us for help, we were supposed to deliver 100 loads of toys for companies for him until 23rd December. When we received this message by our email, we immediately grabbed our trucks and trailers and hurried to the ICL shipping department at Duisburg (Germany), where we first went to see Onkel Flaschenbier, who we found drunk as a skunk in the office only a short time later, tried a few times to find out a few details about the individual tours, but unfortunately this was unsuccessful due to his high alcohol content. Without further ado, we took our mobile phone and called the ICL head office in Husum (Germany). Onkel Dosenbier answered the phone and was able to give us several details about the individual tours. One tour had to be transported directly from our shipping department to Norway. Quickly the whole toy was loaded and then off to Norway....

After several hours of driving, we took a short break on a remote dirt road near Rovaniemi (Finland).

After 15 minutes of rest, we faced the remaining 500 km of the tour. In Ivalo we briefly met the fire brigade, which was present at a traffic accident.

After another 40 minutes we came closer and closer to the finish line...

Arriving at the finish line, we enjoyed the beautiful view of the lake there and dropped off the toys afterwards.


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