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Tag: China-WTO-
Language: Chinese
Created: 20 Oct 2019 09:08 UTC
Supported Game
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Owner: China-WTO-xiao ming
Members: 56
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

VTC requirements after China's accession to WTO

Please indicate the QQ number of the application. If the team or other team positions have passed the examination, please indicate the team

  |   24 Jan 15:50 UTC   |   China-WTO-xiao ming

Welcome to the fleet of WTO freight group!

The greatest VTC family you've ever had.

  |   24 Jan 11:47 UTC   |   China-WTO-xiao ming

China-WTO 车队规章制度

China-WTO 车队规章制度 骑上我心爱的小摩托他永远不会堵车

  |   26 Jan 07:06 UTC   |   China-WTO-xiao ming


☆主办单位:W.T.O 车队 ☆协办单位:SK 车队

27 Mar 08:39 UTC   |   China-WTO-xiao ming

🔴🚚 1st Anniversary of merge China F4&WTO🚚 🔴

1st Anniversary of merge China F4&WTO

17 Mar 09:18 UTC   |   China-WTO-xiao ming



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  1. 有良好的中文知识!

  2. 在UTC+8 综合运输时间从晚上7点30分-晚上8点30分开始。到晚上9点30分-10点30分。距离约1500公里。时间大约是一个小时。

  3. 会使用YY和QQ!

  4. 年龄18岁!

  5. 捣乱及间谍请自觉绕道!

Good knowledge of Chinese!

  1. The comprehensive transportation time at UTC + 8 starts from 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. By 9:30-10:30 p.m. The distance is about 1500 km. It's about an hour.

  2. Can use YY and QQ!

  3. We have no limit on age, as long as you don't make trouble, we can accept it!

  4. Age 18!

  5. It is forbidden to change vehicle configuration and color without permission,

  6. During the intermodal transportation, the vehicle distance shall be kept automatically to avoid large collision, leading to chaos in the intermodal transportation. If the delay is too high, the vehicle shall automatically stop at the side of the road and double flash. At the end of the motorcade, the accident of packet loss can also be avoided, which will affect the progress of the intermodal transportation,