China-WTO 车队规章制度

  1. The combined transportation time is ``` from 7:00 to 8:30 in the evening. It's about 1500 kilometers and takes about two hours.

  2. On the yy21456300of the personnel on the line of combined transport, follow the command, keep the communication of the combined transport channel clear, don't swear, don't maliciously attack others

  3. Personnel on the line of combined transportation shall not modify any data such as engine and container weight, so as not to damage the formation of the team, and the team will not be responsible for modifying the data seal!

  4. In the middle of the combined transportation, the rules of combined transportation shall be strictly observed, no overtaking, no lane changing, no wearing of models, and the rules of the game shall be observed. It is official to update the official website of the motorcade in real time.

  5. Keep the distance between vehicles, do not collide with other vehicles at will, if the vehicle overturns, reload it for filing or press F7 to return to the repair shop, and try not to affect the driving of the rear vehicle.

  6. Please strictly abide by the general rules of the Internet. It is strictly prohibited to insult anyone, release bad information such as pornography, gambling and drug abuse, and not discuss political and related political figures.

7. Friends learn from each other on the principle of friendship first and game second,. Discuss the fun in the game, eliminate prejudice and crowd out others.

  1. It is forbidden to change the configuration and color of vehicles without permission. During intermodal transportation, the distance between vehicles shall be kept automatically to avoid large collision, which may lead to chaos in intermodal transportation. If the delay is too high, the vehicle shall stop at the side of the road and double flash automatically. At the end of the team, the accident of packet loss can also be avoided, which may affect the progress of intermodal transportation,




4、联运中途严格遵守联运规则,不超车、不随意变更道、不穿模、遵守游戏内的规则。官方规定 车队官网实时更新。





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