Welcome to the fleet of WTO freight group!

WTO freight group company is one of the most active VTCS in the community. Its members come from all over the world. They like to drive together. The WTO was originally founded on February 16, 2018 by Xiao Ming and is called "WTO truck company".

China's WTO was established on February 13, 2018. Xiao Ming, the founder of the team, won the participation of all the players. From a few people to dozens of people now, we have experienced many ups and downs, too many ups and downs. In the process, we have suffered pain, suffering and saltiness. We tried to give up no, but we are moving forward in difficulty. We have successively created the official website of the WTO team, only for members to relax and find the content you need and the interaction between players. Based on the principle of friendship first and game second, learn from each other. In order to explore the fun of the game, we organized our team members to participate in many large-scale activities at home and abroad, just to let the team members relax in their spare time and enrich their spare time life. The team is committed to becoming the best European truck simulation 2 team in China. We welcome most of the European truck simulation 2 players to join our team. In the past year, we have given our players better experience and a good atmosphere. Especially let everyone like simulation games. At the same time, our WTO team actively responds to various activities and supports rules and policies. In the future, the Chinese team will continue to strive for the world-class team.

WTO货运集团公司是社会上最活跃的vtc之一。它的成员来自世界各地。他们喜欢一起开车。世贸最初由小明(Xiao Ming)于2018年2月16日创立,被称为“WTO卡车公司”。(WTO truck company)


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