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The load not delivered would be unBEARable.

Avoid Accidental & Negligence Bans

Thankfully there is a system in place to report players and if those players are reported with proper evidence then I am confident they will receive whatever consequences due them. Ban history can affect the length of your next ban. Your actions determine your consequences.

Here is a link that explains how to file a Website Report.

Here is a link for Guidelines on Reporting.

Tools Available

There are tools available to always keep you informed if there is traffic in your direct area.

First, you can use to track yourself as you travel across the map and this will allow you to know who is around you at all times.

Second, there is a tab menu that tells you how many meters away all the closest trucks are to you.

Tab menu

And lastly your GPS (F5) has colored dots that indicate that other trucks are around you.


With all these tools you have the opportunity to know your surroundings.

Here are some more helpful links:

TruckerMP has increased ban lengths due to the Road to Simulation. (

Check out RULES here:

Here is a link on how to use the ban appeal system.

As always, keep in mind: §1.4 - Reporting users Asking for a staff's priority with handling a report is not permitted.

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