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By Davidsvr6-TMP   |   27 Jun 2022 12:37 UTC | Updated on 27 Jun 2022 12:40 UTC

Reopening of the TGI Events

In this month, the TGI Events has decided to reopen its doors after months of inactivity! So, with their purple trucks and cars, they will once again provide you with convoy supervision with our experienced drivers. 🚓🚚

The latter will only open after the convoy of its VTC, scheduled for 23 September 2022 =>! 🎇

You can find all the information about :

  • recruitment via 📢•announcements.
  • convoy organization via 👥•join_us_team

Picture of the month

This month, we were honored to congratulate D.Gaming for his photo that was most liked by the TGI community on the theme "By the Water"! Thanks to this, he won Steam gift card worth 5€ as well as the role Picture of the Month ! He also gets the publication of **his picture on our social networks!**📸

Thank you all for participating in this contest! 💖

You can find all the information about : - the rules for posting your photo via 📕•rules_picture_of_the_month. - the next theme and future photos posted via 💎•picture_of_the_month.

New positions within our company and the server

During the month of May, we had the honor to welcome new people in our company! Thus, joined : Samos Marcel, Bàlor, Vivicio, Nolan and Benji3015.

Others were able to get new ranks. Thus, obtained the role of:

  • Human Resources Team: Louloudu1908

Some people were able to get loads in our Discord server. This month we only have one... Adds:

  • Mrdoom671 getting the role of Discord Moderator Manager 📌

Recruitment still open

Never forget that the TGI VTC is open for recruitment at any time! You can find in :

  • 📰•vtc_rules our company internal regulations.
  • 🚚•driver_ranks information about the different grades available.
  • 👥•join_us the way to join us.

We also have TGI Events recruiting for : - CCC (Convoy Control Car) 🚓 - CCT (Convoy Control Truck) 🚚 Information locations are on the first page of the newsletter, titled "TGI Events Reopening"!


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