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By Davidsvr6-TMP   |   10 Jul 2022 19:48 UTC | Updated on 10 Jul 2022 19:50 UTC

David admission to the TruckersMP Staff

We are pleased to announce, this month, that our Project Founder has been admitted to the TruckersMP Staff! He has become a Translator Trainee, and then officially Translator!

***Congratulations to him on his success!***💞

Picture of The Month

This month we had the honour of congratulating Lemon Juice for his photo that was the most liked by the TGI community on the theme "Sunset"! 🌇 Thanks to this, he won a** Steam gift card worth €5** as well as the role Picture Of The Month ! He also gets his picture published on our social networks! 📸

Thank you all for your participation in this contest! ❤

You can find all the information about :

  • the rules for posting your photo via "📕•rules_picture_of_the_month".
  • the next theme and future photos posted via "💎•picture_of_the_month".

New positions in our company and on the server

During the month of June, we had the honour to welcome new people to our company! 🏢 Thus, have joined : Mael, Cyprien, Leon, Jujupi77, Defterphoenixx14, Damien and Adhna 🚚

Others were able to obtain new ranks. 💼 Thus, got the role of:

  • Community Team: Benji
  • Support Team: Leon

Recruitments still open

Never forget that the TGI VTC is open for recruitment at any time! You can find our company rules in :

  • "📰•vtc_rules" our company internal rules. 📋
  • "🚚•driver_ranks" information about the different grades available. 📑
  • "👥•join_us" the way to join us. ❓

We also have TGI Events recruiting for :

  • CCC (Convoy Control Car) 🚓
  • CCT (Convoy Control Truck) 🚚 All information can be found in "👥•join_us_team" !


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