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📃 Official TGI VTC Rules

By Davidsvr6-TMP   |   10 Jul 2022 19:56 UTC | Updated on 10 Jul 2022 20:00 UTC

1️⃣ | Use the 'TGI | Driver' player tag as well as the official TGI paint scheme at all events.

2️⃣ | A member of the "STAFF " team must be informed if you have been banned from TruckersMP, or if you wish to leave the VTC. You must inform the CEO if you receive a ban from the TruckersMP or Trucksbook platform.

3️⃣ | Be especially careful about your behaviour on the roads. You are allowed to drive on all roads, as long as you remain respectful, with regard to your driving and communication with others.

4️⃣ | The monthly mileage requirement must be met. We require at least 10,000 Km per month, in order to remain a driver for us. If you are unable to do so, due to certain circumstances, you can contact a member of the team.

5️⃣ | We expect you to participate in minimum 3 convoys over the month, you must add a reaction if you are present during the convoy or not.

6️⃣ | Presence in vocals mandatory during convoys.


- Respect, communication, fun, seriousness...


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