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How to apply for Federal Transport?

By The_Summer   |   22 Nov 2022 17:45 UTC | Updated on 22 Nov 2022 17:59 UTC

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1️⃣ Convoy Requirements

  1. Age: 14+

  2. Must have ETS2 or ATS

  3. Use English or simple Chinese

  4. Your time in the game must be > 50 hours ( Please note that this is a necessary requirement, if you do not meet, we will simply reject your application.)

  5. Must have no ban in the past 3 months (this means your ban must be set to public when you apply for VTC)

  6. Can abide by our Community Rules and TruckersMP Rules

2️⃣ How to apply?

Before you start

  • Make sure that the "Punishment History" column in the TruckersMP Profile interface is set to "Public" (-"Show your bans on your profile and" is selected in the https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings API" and save after the checkbox on the left).

  • Make sure that the "My Profile" and "Game Details" fields in your Steam account privacy settings are set to "Public" (- this preparation must be done in Steam, and you can access https://truckersmp.com/kb/44 to get the setting method; If you have not made changes to your Steam account privacy settings since the date you signed up for your TruckersMP account, you can skip this preparation).

How to apply

  1. Click "Apply Now!" in the upper right corner of the VTC Home;

  2. Click Apply for this position in the pop-up window to enter the preset application form;

  3. Fill in the relevant information as required by the form

  4. Once you have finished entering, click "Submit" to submit your application.

Please refer to Apply Now Information and relevant explanations required to join the team to obtain relevant requirements and detailed explanations of the information filled in

If you have any questions, you can join our Official Discord server

3️⃣ Wait for approval

HR will review your submission. During this time, we will contact you through the TruckersMP VTC system, so be sure to keep an eye on your email so you don't miss important news.

  • While waiting, you can visit https://truckersmp.com/vtc/987/recruitments check the status of your application**

❓ Q&A

Q1: Why should I disclose my TruckersMP ban history and Steam account content?

-A: This is to check if your account meets the requirements to join the team, so as to avoid being unable to participate in the team activities due to the account does not meet the requirements.

Q2: The status of the ticket for joining the team application


  • New- Your application has been submitted, but it has not been viewed by HR. Please be patient at this time.
  • In-progress- Your application is under review. At this point, please go to the application details (click the green eye icon on the right) to view and complete the next steps given by HR.
  • Hired- Your application has been approved
  • Declined- Your application has been rejected. At this point, try contacting VTC management or creating a new application again

📞Contact us

  • Offical Discord server: https://discord.gg/cqwxSRWVCh
  • Offical QQ group: 232935411
  • Offical Email: [email protected]

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