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Aurora VTC #22 Convoy

By BraggGamingTwitch   |   22 Oct 2022 19:00 UTC | Updated on 22 Oct 2022 19:30 UTC

Hi everyone!

This is my first news post for Aurora. My name is BraggGaming and I recently became one of the Event Managers of Aurora. Nice to meet you! 👋

Aurora's #22 convoy took place on the 21st of October and the trip went from Amsterdam to the Krone domain: Werlte.

Along this route the truck drivers passed a number of nice places and sights such as the Afsluitdijk towards Groningen and a few nice windmills that our trucker Saladqueen can't have enough of. Our media team took some nice pictures during the convoy and I will be proud to show them under this message.

A mega compliment to the CC team for the organization and a mega thumbs up to the VTC's and attendees who participated this day. It is and remains a beautiful sight to see that Sana's legacy is expanding and continuing in organizing convoys and that these are certainly received positively within the #BestCommunityEver.

Oh, before I forget: Aurora VTC's #23 rd convoy will be driven at Promods on November 4 and will be driven between Fürth and Rotterdam. This promises to be a fun route so make sure you're here!

This is my message, I've talked a lot again. Enjoy some nice pictures below and don't forget to put our next convoy in your agenda!

Much love ❤

BraggGaming Event Manager | Aurora VTC


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