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Aurora Private Convoy 25th november 2022

By BraggGamingTwitch   |   25 Nov 2022 21:00 UTC | Updated on 05 Jan 12:48 UTC

Hi everyone, it's time again for a small report of the Private Aurora convoy of November 25!

Cevil received a request from Tromso at our head office to supply Guard Rails to Oulu for the Husky Tours that are held and which sometimes require the necessary barriers to be able to make a safe sleigh ride!

We started this day from Tromso at 19:00 UTC with a Dry Freigter full of Guard Rails and went via Finnmark territory to Ivalo and arrived there around 20:15 UTC. This trip has given some hugs to trees or paint damage as the roads that were driven were sometimes a challenge for the drivers and for some it was necessary to use the F7 button but luckily we all reached the end point in the end and took some nice pictures !

Thank you Aurora riders for riding along and of course the necessary humor and see you next time!

Much Love BraggGaming Aurora VTC | Event Manager


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