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The Peoples VTC Reborn

The Re-opening of Tango Transport

By -Elvis-   |   11 Aug 21:21 UTC | Updated on 11 Aug 21:25 UTC

The Re-opening of tango !!!!!

We are happy to announce after a lot of thinking and discussing to bring back & reopen the VTC under some of the old ownership & under the management of the original founder .

Why & How did this Happen?

We felt that the amount of support we were getting it was impossible to ignore this, The discord was only made just for 2 people & then over a couple of days we had over 50 members in the discord & now just over a week later nearly 200. If it weren't for the crazy support from everyone to get this started again, Myself [Elvis, Shodon] & all the management team/Drivers would not ever of expected this to happen so thankyou to everyone so much for pushing this through !

We aim to create the same atmosphere as before & bring back that family Feel VTC like no other . We always strive to keep our VTC public & open by always being public voice channels or keeping active within our discord, We feel this is the best way to keep a happy environment for all.

Moving forward on this new adventure we hope to make this a place for everyone and to feel welcome no matter who you are . We are the reformed Peoples VTC

Much love from all of the management & myself

Elvis | Tango CEO


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