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Structure of the VTC

By -Elvis-   |   16 Aug 10:36 UTC | Updated on 16 Aug 11:47 UTC

Here is a list of managers & other roles Which gives a indication who does what so you can all be aware of each position.

CEO | Manages the entire VTC and makes big decisions regarding the VTC

COO | Manages the entire VTC and works alongside the CEO with important decisions that need changing

General Manager | General Manager handles day to day running of the VTC dealing with any issues that may occur when others may not be around they will report back to CEO COO or driver manager if needed .

Driver Manager | Driver Manager deals with all applications with accepting people into the VTC & removing drivers they also manage all drivers with activty & rules to follow for all Members in the VTC.

Media Manager | Media Manager deals with managing media Staff as well as images/banners/content for the VTC

Event Manager | Event Manager deals with hosting & booking events for the VTC to attend . They also work with Event Team members for managing Convoy control along with Event Assistants.

Event Assistant | Event Assistants assist the Event Manager in helping with events to attend for the VTC as well as helping with preparation of the events the VTC host

Media Team | Media Team are used for helping with events we may host to do media for the convoys by taking images . They maybe asked to create banners or edited photos for the VTC for advertising or Social media purposes. if applicable this maybe a creation of a video .

Event Team | Event Team is the updated version of Convoy Control they assist with the convoys we host making sure they keep on track by guiding all participants in our convoys to the destinations.

Brand Team | Working with social media platforms for the VTC as well as VTC posts for the TruckersMP page

Drivers | Drivers are our base members who we have to keep the VTC running and making sure we create a great atmosphere for all .

This list of roles maybe subject to change but from the point of this date 16th of august 2021 this is correct for now.


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