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Language: Chinese
Created: 03 Sep 10:46 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: Leng Mo-001
Members: 25
Recruitment: Open

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车队联运时间为每天晚上的20:30——21:30 1.年龄满16周岁 2.熟悉掌握游戏内的操作 3.联运期间需要上YY进行联运 4..联运期间不可以超车、鸣笛、闪灯等危险操作 5.车队不招收口吐芬芳、不听从指挥的队员 中国GTP车队欢迎您的到来!

  |   15 Sep 12:19 UTC   |   Leng Mo-001



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  1. This fleet must have steam version Euro Truck Simulator 2
  2. The combined transportation time of the team is 8:00 every day, and the train leaves on time at 8:30, waiting for no one
  3. The team pays attention to harmony. It is forbidden to abuse each other during intermodal transportation. Those who do not listen to advice will immediately send an air ticket
  4. During intermodal transportation, please observe the traffic rules. It is forbidden to overtake on the path, retrograde, honk for a long time, detonate flashing lights and dangerous goods warning lights. When overtaking at high speed, please honk or Flash headlights
  5. I hope all group friends will actively participate in group intermodal transport activities, and the team will pay benefits from time to time. If you don't have time to play games, say hello to the group in advance
  6. Follow the command. In the process of intermodal transport, please follow the command of the team leader and prohibit overtaking the first car. If the first car has an accident, it will stop because of saying in advance: side, y keyboard input / fix repair the car in the game, and continue to be the first car after the first car catches up
  7. Clear microphone is required during intermodal transport. YY voice is adopted for intermodal transport of this fleet
  8. It is forbidden to do business online under the banner of the team
  9. If there is a contradiction that cannot be solved during intermodal transportation, the management can be consulted for mediation


Leng Mo-001
Leng Mo-001
China-CTC-Leng Mo-001
China-CTC-Leng Mo-001
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“GTP” xiaochen 019
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