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By Jayda   |   22 Sep 2022 12:00 UTC | Updated on 22 Apr 03:18 UTC
  • 中国顶尖车队成立于2022年9月15日,车队现有队员90余人,每天参加活动/日常联运,上线人数15余人,团队成立至今一直以努力成为最好的自己,兄弟齐心其利断金为理念,顶尖车队出席过数场大型联运活动,我们在2023年1月9日举办第一次活动,我们努力加油,我们有丰富的联运经验,车队队员严格要求自己,使顶尖车队内部管理更加高效,快捷。

  • The China LK team was founded on September 15, 2022. The team has more than 90 members, who participate in activities/daily intermodal transport every day, and more than 15 people are online. Since the team was founded, the team has always been striving to be the best of themselves, The LK team has attended several large-scale intermodal transport activities. We held the first event on January 9, 2023. We work hard, we have rich experience in intermodal transport, and the team members are strict with themselves, Make the internal management of LK team more efficient and efficient.

  • LK Team CEO

  • Jay&QingTian

  • 2023/1/22


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