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How to join the LK team

By LK-CEO-QingTian   |   22 Jan 12:00 UTC | Updated on 22 Apr 03:18 UTC
  • Methods and requirements for joining LK team
  • ①:Need to enter our discord/QQ group
  • ②:You are required to answer the following questions
  • Ⓐ:Your game duration《ETS2+ATS》
  • Ⓑ:Your time zone《For example:+8》
  • Ⓒ:Your blocked times《For example: 5 times》
  • Ⓓ:How many hours a week do you have to play ETS2
  • Ⓔ:Are you willing to abide by the team rules
  • ③:After your reply, we will review this item carefully for 1-10 minutes
  • ④:After review, the winner needs to change the name of TMP and join VTC
  • ⑤:TMP name format: LK-000-Name,The serial number needs to be obtained from the personnel department
  • ⑥:You need to carry a prefix in the game,The specific prefix will be sent to you after review
  • On behalf of all LK team members, I welcome you here!


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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
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