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Pries Monthly Newsletter - March 2020

By *Winged*   |   30 Mar 11:57 UTC

Greetings everyone,

It is time for us to make an announcement this month to share all the news we have, not as many as usually but they are still pretty exciting!

1 Year Anniversary Event

No, this is not a joke, Pries is celebrating its first birthday on 13th April this year and it is unbelievable how fast time goes, not that long time ago we announced our Opening convoy, then 3 Months Celebrating convoy, Christmas Event 2019 and now it is time for our 1st Anniversary event which as always, we are going to celebrating together, with our fellow VTC and community members. For information about the event visit

Supporter's Roles

We appreciate the support we get from our community as well as the VTC members and we decided to introduce special roles for those who help us by donating money or sponsoring with the DLCs for giveaways. Currently, there are 4 Supporter levels and each of them have different perks which you can more read about at #become-pries-supporter on our Discord Server.

30x HS-Schoch Tuning Pack DLCs Giveaway

Also, we are hosting a pretty big giveaway of a brand new DLC which was released by SCS Software a few days ago. You can participate in giveaway on our Discord. Good luck to all the participants!

That is all for this month and hope you are as happy as we are right now because less than a month left before that amazing day which we are all waiting for! Make sure to share the news with your friends, so they join us on such an important day and maybe try their luck in our giveaways?

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