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Mileage Milestone

By John's Gaming Network   |   24 Feb 22:08 UTC | Updated on 24 Feb 22:10 UTC

Mileage milestone..

Hi all,

I'd like to share some pretty amazing news with you all, and that's all down to the hard work of everyone here. So, take a moment to congratulate each other and yourselves, - because you deserve to without being complacent.

We, earlier today.. Surpassed our goal for this month of achieving 200,000 real miles, and that it quite an achievement for us, as a VTC.

We thank you all for your work, and encourage you all to keep doing what you're doing, and see how high we can really go this month.

Kindly complementing this achievement, is that we're currently sat 8th in the UK real miles statistics.

Kind regards,


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