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New Branding - Fresh Look

By John's Gaming Network   |   03 Mar 19:48 UTC | Updated on 06 Jul 13:37 UTC

Movezen Logistiek fresh new branding has arrived!

Dear everyone,

We are pleased to announce that we at Movezen Logistiek has a fresh new look on our branding, as you can see from our Discord logo and TruckersMP logo.

For a while now we have been looking to change our branding design and were seeking around for a company to complete the Job. Thanks to our formar HRO Shadows we manage to get a company he has previously used to assist us completing this assignment to check off our Job Listing.

Message to our Drivers

Hello Drivers

We here at Movezen would really appreciate Feedback from you about our branding via Drivers Chat on our Discord Guild. Feedback can be positive, negative or constructive however please keep within our VTC rules at all times.

As your DRM - Driver Manager you can also send feedback in my DM's

Kindest Regards

  • 007 Networks DRM
  • Movezen Logistiek - Driver Manager
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