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Firelodge Logistics Merges into Movezen Logistiek

By John's Gaming Network   |   08 May 12:20 UTC | Updated on 08 May 12:25 UTC


Merge Announced by FIRELODGE LOGISTICS on: 01/05/2022

Here at Movezen Logistiek we strive to do what we can for the VTC Community and our Drivers, Firelodge was in discussions with our Chief Executive Officer - Brads331 about a potential merge to Movezen Logistiek

after a lengthy and hard discussion FIRELODGE decided to do a Merger with us on 01/05/2022 officially announcing it to their community, We have already Welcomed CEO Jamie, and COO Rowan from Firelodge into our Leadership Team in our discord while they work hard to get their drivers to join us.

Our main goal remains to gain Verification on TruckersMP and to focus on our Drivers & how we can constantly adapt.

We thank you all from FIRELODGE in believing in us


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