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A review of July..

By Brads331   |   30 Jul 2022 02:17 UTC | Updated on 30 Jul 2022 02:20 UTC

In July, Movezen had it's busiest month yet, attending multiple public events per week, maybe even per day..

Week one:

  • We welcomed a couple of new drivers to our incredible VTC, and welcoming with open arms - is what we do best.
  • We attended x5 public events, held by external parties, including our partner - At The Mile Logistics.

Week two got busy..

  • Attended an event on every day on this week, welcoming multiple new drivers with open arms, and inviting them along to these convoys with us.
  • Website updates took place to make the VTC website look more professional, easy to use/navigate and showcasing some of the incredible imagery we captured at the events we attended.

Week three and four:

We said hello and welcomed a lot of new drivers, even promoting more of our staff to our incredibly helpful Human Resources team (who are on-hand to assist you with any troubles you may have). These weeks were also rammed to the brim with events, in which we've done our best to attend every event, at every available opportunity.

We also welcomed some well-needed updates to our TruckersMP page, and with more to come heading into August, we are really ramping up the antics and cannot express how excited we are for the future, and what we believe that is able to be showcased, from our staff, drivers, partners and even guests.

August is quickly approaching us.. so, how are we tackling it? Well.. the simplest answer. Take each and every day as it comes, and capitalise on things with our drivers and staff, the best that we possibly can. With multiple projects being put onto hold, to fast-track some of our greatest ideas and continue to improve the current VTC experience, in which everyone experiences with us.

We also asked all of our VTC members (including staff) for their feedback, and we will be reviewing that shortly - so we can hear what everyone wants, and continue to build upon what our core principals always have been.. to create a VTC based around our staff and drivers, alike.

We're ramped up and roaring to go for August and beyond.. here's to many more incredible journeys, deliveries, memories, experiences and more!


Thanks for sticking with us, we look forward to continue building the VTC you guys as a community want, for the better.

  • Brad


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