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By Movezen Log. l Brad l CEO   |   31 Jul 16:00 UTC | Updated on 31 Jul 16:05 UTC

We're bringing Movezen Logistiek into the real-world.

Why? We want to continue making a positive on the trucking community, not only virtually, but realistically too. We're yet to be fully registered, but, our plans are beginning to take motion - which is why Networks and I, have agreed to announce it.

Where will we be operating? It makes the most sense with myself and Networks being UK-based (much like a larger proportion of our staff team) to register and operate on UK territory.

When will you open the company? Currently, we're looking at a Q1 2023 launch, however this could be brought forwards, or pushed back, dependant on various factors.

We decided to make this possible due to our heavy passion for automotive, and transportation of goods. With someone in each of our families at the minimum, already being involved, or has been involved, in the real-life aspect of trucking..

We want to continue making a great impact, on the roads physically and virtually, and we're going to continue to strive in making this possible, making the environment more enjoyable to work in, whilst providing our drivers with the very best in which the industry can offer. We're also going to be more than ever, promoting road-safety, meaning that you can rest assured that in the virtual and real worlds, we are the leading company to stand by, and you're completely safe with us.

Will we release more information and share updates? I expect so. You will see a notification in our Discord server, during today, regarding the announcement of Movezen Logistiek LTD (Limited), such as when we have officially been registered in the United Kingdom, and, we cannot wait to make VTC and real-world history, with the support from you guys - our incredible community, and, partners!


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