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News Update: 28/9/22

By Sant1ag0   |   28 Sep 2022 06:30 UTC | Updated on 28 Sep 2022 06:31 UTC

• The Queens Convoy

On 24th September, Movezen held a convoy event called “REMEMBERING HER MAJESTY” and had a turn out of around 77 truckers from 12 VTCs to mark the event. On behalf of Movezen Logistiek, we would like to thank those who participated from our bottom of our heart.

• Heavy Haulage Update Here in the VTC, we believe in appropriate changes and hence our Chief Operations Officer, Networks and Heavy Haulage Manager, Georgie has been tirelessly working to slowly bringing back the 8x4 trucks back into the VTC with extra requirements and rules so our drivers could safely enjoy hauling heavy loads for delivery.

Originality from within that is what Movezen Logistiek does best and will continue to do. Move Anything, Anywhere.


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