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Heavy Haulage - Update

By JohnsNetworkGaming   |   07 Oct 2022 01:35 UTC | Updated on 07 Oct 2022 01:35 UTC

Hello everyone!

So in our last post we mentioned about brining back some Big Trucks! this was also followed up by the image of a 8x4 Merc Benz by our Chief Operations Officer, Georgie! Our Chief Executive Officer, Networks & Chief Operations Officer, Georgie have been working hard on revamping documents and also how to bring the Trucks back into the VTC with appropriate use, and training on "How to use an 8x4"

8x4 trucks were blanket banned from the VTC due to how they are used in the TruckersMP, community for "inappropriate" use of the Truck. Upon this we have now released the use of 8x4's to Heavy Haulage Drivers only! when they have passed their permitted training for the truck!


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