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How to Apply - Movezen Logistiek

By Brads331   |   07 Dec 2022 13:05 UTC | Updated on 31 May 20:34 UTC

Congratulations for wanting to take the first steps towards joining our VTC! In order that we may verify some pertinent details, this guide will explain how to submit your official Driver application - the final hurdle between you and your illustrious career here at Movezen Logistiek.

  • To apply for Movezen Logistiek as a driver, you will need to head to our Drivershub (

  • You will then need to login with Discord; to login you will need to see to the bottom-left of your display, and follow the prompts to login

  • Once you've completed done this and logged in, head to user settings (bottom-left of display, gear icon) and scroll down to 'Account Connections'. You will need to bind your Steam and TruckersMP accounts here; you can do this by clicking the 'Update' button and following the prompts/instructions.

  • Once you've done all of this, head to the apply page (, or by clicking 'New Applicaton' in the navigation bar on the left-hand side and complete the form.

After submission, please ensure to join our Discord server at If necessary, our Human Resources team will assist you in how to make your application!

To be accepted, you must be in our Discord; this is due to driver permissions on the DriversHub, and internal policies.

We look forward to seeing you on the road, with love from Movezen!


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