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Our Specialist Divisions - New Opportunities!

By Blizzy87   |   24 Jan 16:23 UTC | Updated on 24 Jan 16:25 UTC

Introducing Movezen's Specialist Divisions!

At Movezen Logistiek, we pride ourselves on providing quality - quality goods to the customer, quality service to our business partners, but most importantly, quality opportunities to our drivers. We acknowledge that drivers sometimes look for just a little more - this is the motivating force behind our introduction of our specialist divisions.

As such, Management is incredibly pleased to present the three primary divisions for Movezen Logistiek's Specialty Goods Transport - Heavy Haulage, Hazardous Goods, and Chilled Goods!

Heavy Haulage

Heavy Haulage drivers are the core of our large and oversized load transit. They are specially certified in ensuring your heavy equipment and cargo are delivered safely, on time, and anywhere you need it - a true reflection of the Movezen brand. Heavy Haulage drivers are tasked with safe and efficient transport of large loads (over 35 tons), and are supervised by experienced division management who personally ensure the quality of services rendered.

Hazardous Goods

For those times where customers expect safe and prompt delivery of their hazardous, dangerous, or sensitive goods, our Hazardous Goods drivers are there to ensure the Movezen brand of "anytime, anywhere" is upheld to its highest standard. Hazardous Goods drivers handle delivery of ADR-classified goods - goods that demand a quality of service that these drivers provide in an unparalleled fashion.

Chilled Goods

At Movezen Logistiek, we understand that your goods should arrive in pristine condition, as if you picked them up moments ago from the distributor. This is true especially for our clients in the food, agricultural, and medical industries, whose tireless efforts to produce quality results to the people who rely on them most should be matched and upheld by their trusted partners in transportation. Our Chilled Goods driver do exactly this - they ensure that all refrigerated goods arrive like-new while being kept in optimal conditions for consumption.

Great, how do I get started?

We're elated to hear that you're ready to join our finest of drivers in upholding quality, standards, and best industry practices. If you're already a Driver with us, ensure that you meet all requirements by navigating to the appropriate Division Handbook - if you're having issues finding this documentation, a member of Division Management would be happy to assist you. After that, please follow the similarly listed steps to submit an application.

If you're new to Movezen, or considering joining, please have a look at our application post to get started and on the road with Movezen. Once you've joined, please follow the steps above to find the requirements for each division.

At minimum, we ask that prospective specialist drivers have a proven history of upholding game rules, professionalism, and courtesy in the community. Additional requirements are outlined in each handbook.

Best of luck, and we hope to see you in one of our divisions shortly!


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