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Movezen Logistiek - January Recap

By Blizzy87   |   01 Feb 21:40 UTC | Updated on 01 Feb 21:50 UTC

Movezen Logistiek - January Recap Newsletter

Chief Executive Officer's Foreword

Movezen Logistiek is an ever-growing virtual trucking company and was created with the goal to become a recognisable, professional, and friendly VTC for our drivers and the community, building upon what they both want alike. Our drivers have done an incredible job this month, and I'm sure they'll continue to build upon these already eye-watering statistics and create new boundaries to set the bar even higher than before!

-Brad, Chief Executive Officer

2023 marked a year of resurgence for the drivers, staff, and leadership at Movezen Logistiek – a month chock-full of event participation, excellent deliveries, and community involvement, all true to the Movezen brand! The end of the month is the best time to take a look back on what we did right, and what we can aim to do for the rest of Q1.

Events and Participation

Movezen participated in 22 events across the month of January – a staggering number, equating to nearly 1 event per day consistently! We were also lucky enough to host 1 public and 1 VTC convoy, hosted by our excellent Events Staff team. Across all our events this month, we logged 70 drivers of total participation – Movezen is continuing to show up and show out with our professional, cordial, and inspiring brand!


The core of a well-oiled VTC is the relationship between drivers, staff, and leadership – this relationship fuels excellence in work, and beauty in execution. Thankfully, Movezen is overwhelmingly lucky to have the efforts of our committed drivers and dedicated staff, who continue to inspire and impress all they work with.

Special recognition goes to our Driver of the Month, Tobster, one of our Veteran Drivers who recently logged 60 thousand event points – an impressive feat! Tobster is one of our most hard-working staff members, as our current Events Manager, and has worked diligently this month to coordinate well-run and professional event hosting and participation.

This month, we also welcomed a new face to our Leadership team – Alistair, who was made COO following his diligent service as Director of Events. Alistair has made waves within Movezen, helping us to refine and improve upon existing event models and standards, and we collectively look forward to the work he will contribute to his new role!

Among other new and returning faces of our Management and Leadership staff are Kat, our wonderful Community Manager and Sadie, our returning Managing Director. We welcomed these individuals to their roles across January, and so far we are bearing direct witness to their commitment!

Of course, it is impossible for us to list the efforts of all drivers and staff here – Movezen continues to appreciate and cherish the work all members of the VTC bring to the table every single day, and we know they’ll keep up the work across Q1 and 2023!

Driver Statistics & Updates

Speaking of committed drivers, our drivers put in the work this month ensuring we upheld our motto of “moving anything, anywhere!”

This month we introduced our specialist divisions – you can read more on that here – which our drivers have been using to show their skills and get you your sensitive products on time. So far, our Hazardous Goods, Heavy Haulage, and Chilled Goods divisions are active, with plans to introduce 3 more top-secret divisions over the next quarter. Interested in getting the inside scoop on our new divisions? Why not apply today?

As far as statistics go: our drivers logged a whopping 153500 miles (247000 km) this past month alone! This means that, in January alone, our drivers traversed the circumference of the Earth 6.2 times and made it 64.3% of the way to the moon! All this work means our drivers netted a profit of over 8.8 million Euros – money well spent towards getting your deliveries fulfilled quicker and safer!

We are also proud to congratulate joasvl as our monthly winner for raw distance, clocking in 18892 mi (30404 km), and once more, Tobster for clocking the most overall participation, with 69881 points.

Into next month, we challenge our drivers to surpass 10 million Euros in revenue – a feat that should easily be accomplished by an increasing core of dedicated drivers! Some other stats that may be of interest:

Longest Single Delivery – 3764.27 miles (6058 kilometres)

Highest Single Delivery Gross Revenue – 212968 Euros

Most Utilized Truck Brand – Scania (46%)

What's Up Next?

Movezen has seen a great first month back under our initial branding, and we hope to continue that momentum into the next month. Your VTC staff are working diligently behind the scenes to prepare for another great month of events, the least of which are:

  • Game Nights, hosted by Community Management,
  • 15 currently scheduled in-game events,
  • More specialist divisions for our drivers to enroll in,
  • and much more!

It’s never too late to join a rapidly expanding VTC that is committed to fair and dedicated service to and by its drivers – if you’re interested in joining our ranks, make sure to head over to our application page and follow the attached steps!

If you’ve read this far, thank you! Your support is what keeps Movezen going with the momentum we work so hard to maintain through our daily operations. Stay tuned for the next edition of our newsletter, courtesy of the Movezen Logistiek Human Resources Team!

Photos obtained via the VTC Media channel in the Movezen Logistiek Discord | For appeals, please contact Human Resources.


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