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Why Join a VTC?

By Blizzy87   |   15 Feb 01:50 UTC | Updated on 15 Feb 01:55 UTC

Why Join a VTC?

Picture this: you’ve fueled up, performed all your checks, and you’re ready to hit the road. You’re committed to the satisfaction of your clientele, the safety of your goods, and to having the time of your life on the road – there just happens to be one problem: who do you share it with?

TruckersMP is more than just an online lobby for ETS2 and ATS players – it’s new territory for you to explore with likeminded individuals, cruising in convoys and having laughs over the CB radio. Maybe you’ve considered this already, but that one thought of “is a VTC right for me?” seems to linger over your head every time you consider joining up with a new outfit. Rest assured – we’re here today to show you what you could be missing, and how you could be missing out on free productivity by riding solo!

Myth - VTCs are uber-exclusive, taking only the best drivers through rigorous application processes.

A common observable barrier of entry to the VTC world is that you need to be the absolute best of the best to contribute to a community of truckers. However, this is a common misconception for a large portion of VTCs; we pride ourselves on accepting truckers from all backgrounds, ensuring that no driver gets left behind.

Users may also be intimidated by the application process – they’ve seen horror stories come out of other organizations. Video interviews, extensive background checks, interview questions, oh my! All these factors play into a demeaning user experience that serves to provide the wrong burden of proof: why should you be allowed to join them?

Fact - Movezen Logistiek uses a mix of fast response times, low requirements, and friendly interfaces to get you trucking in no time.

With our custom Drivers’ Hub, we make your application to our VTC simple and friendly. Just log in with Discord, bind your Steam and TruckersMP accounts, fill out a quick form, and you’re ready to go! No lengthy interview processes, training mileage, or other needless requirements that serve only to intimidate you. Here at Movezen, we ask one question: are you ready to get started?

Myth - VTCs require senseless mileage amounts per month, and every activity is scrutinized.

The first hurdle many prospective VTC members face is that of mileage requirements. You may be a casual player, aiming to get on the road with some new friends and clock some mileage while you’re at it, but you’re worried that mileage will be your main point of fault. What if I don’t have time to clock 10 thousand miles a month? Is there any affordance given to my real-life endeavors?

Even more nerve-wracking is the thought that every mile driven is intensely scrutinized for the smallest margins of error. Drifted outside of the lines for a few hundred feet, and worried that your job will be invalidated? Accidentally ran a red light and awaiting the formal warning? All of this can be off-putting for a prospective member, and for good reason: am I driving to maintain my virtual CDL, or can I not just have fun?

Fact - Movezen Logistiek totes low mileage requirements, lenient driver error reporting, and encourages fun and relaxed driving.

Let’s face it – to expect our drivers to dedicate time to our VTC as a second job is unrealistic – quite possibly the most unrealistic thing we could imagine ourselves requiring! We don’t pay you nor loan you actual trucks, so you aren’t expected to need to treat this like a real job.

While we have friendly competitions for things like Driver of the Month loosely based on mileage, we ask our drivers to submit 1 thousand miles every 3 months. For context, that equates to about 333 miles a month – a low requirement allowing you to naturally gain the required miles while enjoying a fun experience with our drivers. We also ensure that drivers who make honest mistakes don’t see punishment – we understand that mistakes happen, and we’re here to be understanding, not authoritative.

Myth - There is nothing to be gained by being in a VTC – at the end of the day, it’s just a glorified club.

Many think that the business-like structure of a VTC is a waste of time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. To those naysayers, we reserve our thoughts; those who don’t see the value are missing out. They may say that VTCs are cliquey and promote an environment of elitism and hierarchies, or that they incubate bad driving habits when together as a group.

Fact - Movezen Logistiek offers real, lasting relationships – a feat unmatched by driving solo.

VTCs are an amazing way to meet people who care about ETS2, ATS, and TruckersMP the same way that you do. They can even be a source of motivation for some – our internal data shows that our drivers make a majority of their deliveries when on TruckersMP with one another – a share of nearly 60% of all deliveries!

VTCs also provide you with the invaluable gift of experience – at Movezen Logistiek, that may take the form of being a member of our events staff and convoy control, working in our HR sector, or handling community affairs. No matter what your calling may be, Movezen Logistiek is here to help you develop into the best player you can be.

We understand that the jump into a VTC can be a scary leap of faith, and here at Movezen Logistiek, we hope that we can pad your landing just a little bit extra with our dedicated staff team, fun events, and opportunities for all who may find themselves at the front door of our VTC.

Ready to take the first step? Head on over to our application instruction page for more details on the process and to submit your application! We look forward to seeing you on the roads with us soon!


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