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By Brads331   |   22 Mar 00:08 UTC | Updated on 22 Mar 00:10 UTC

Moving Movezen forwards..

Chief Executive Officer's Foreword

Movezen Logistiek is an ever-growing virtual trucking company and was created with the goal to become a recognisable, professional, and friendly VTC for our drivers and the community, building upon what they both want alike. Our drivers have done an incredible job this month, and I'm sure they'll continue to build upon these already eye-watering statistics and create new boundaries to set the bar even higher than before!

  • Brad, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

The start of 2023 has been the start of a new era for Movezen Logistiek, as a VTC and as a real-life trucking company. A year so far of hard work, dedication, meeting new and exciting people, reuniting with old friends and planning for an incredible future ahead. This is the perfect time, at the end of Q1 2023, to see what we've done right so far and share with you some of our exciting plans to continue our innovation and expansion, moving into the future!

The VTC:

Movezen Logistiek as a Virtual Trucking Company (VTC) has once again hit it's milestone of 60 members, and is always recruiting for more members to join the team! With round-the-clock staff responses with friendly, approachable and professional responses no matter what!

Movezen is consistently recognising the hard efforts of it's drivers and staff alike, and continue to showcase this in any way that it can. With both driver and staff monthly awards fully in swing and more, greater prizes to be obtained by these awards throughout the remainder of 2023!

The real-life trucking company..

Movezen Logistiek is one, if not, the only VTC to be fully registered in it's local country with true, confident plans to expand into the real-world. We believe that this is something to be truly proud of as a community, and have had tonnes of interest and support alike, for this to become a reality!

When does Movezen expect to be operating in the real-world? Well, the simple answer - is as soon as we possibly can! Obviously, there's a lot of legislation and guidelines which as a legitimate business we must always follow and adhere to, however this doesn't dampen our mood - in fact, this only motivates us! We want to build the best trucking company, which reflects a great image and perspective of our VTC and its standards, into the real-world. With 4 people currently working around the clock to make this a possibility, we hope to bring the real-life Movezen to the roads of England very soon! (Likely to be Q3-Q4, 2023)

How is Movezen, as a brand, going to continue being innovative and expand?

Great question! Movezen is constantly looking at various "trends" and its competitors, to see what we can always do better. Whether this be attending more events on TruckersMP, or offering more driver/staff incentives.

We are currently looking into many community-based activities which you'll be able to partake in, within the next few coming months. With a Minecraft server in the pipeline, to game nights or, even more regular (smaller-sized) community convoys! We're always looking for ways to keep our drivers, staff and community alike, engaged in our activities.

I'm an existing driver for the VTC, is there any progression for me?

At Movezen, we constantly encourage driver-community engagement and of course, progression!

As a driver for our VTC, you can progress through our various divisions (with more planned to open in Q3 2023), or through to our staff team. Whichever you decide, we will always support you in getting the best progression which suits you!

We also have a wide-ranging of open staff vacancies at the moment, so if you're interested head to the "Recruitment" channel in our Discord Guild and head to the drivershub to apply for the role - we'd love to work with you even closer!

If you've read to the end, thank you! It's people like you who truly keep Movezen growing and progressing forwards! We're yet to post our February recap and many more things to you, so stay close to our page for more soon!


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