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Introducing a long-term project..

By Brads331   |   23 May 09:13 UTC | Updated on 23 May 09:15 UTC

It’s with pleasure, that I announce the Movezen Group. What’s the Movezen Group I hear you ask? Well, essentially it’s use of our brand, across a variety of different things. In our case so far, between our VTC and real-life business.

So, why now? Essentially, it was always the intention to create in some form a ‘group’ based on/around the Movezen brand. The more that the VTC grows, and the more business ideas we have (soon to be put into practice) means that this is probably the best time to do it!

What does this mean moving forwards, in the virtual trucking world? Well, essentially, it would allow us to (if we ever wanted) to not only operate and own one VTC, but multiple if we ever wanted to do so!

Also, since we’re collecting funds from our amazing supporters via our Patreon platform, it allows us to essentially ‘merge’ our finances into one business banking account, rather than having to split them up. Therefore making it more cost effective and, efficient.

At current, there will be no changes, however if anything changes there will be sufficient notice.

I know that this may be a bit of a weird announcement to some, and soon to be virtually a duplicate announcement for those in the Movezen Logistiek LTD Discord, however I thought it was well-worth sharing with you this morning.



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