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May's Image Spotlight - Won by Cronbo!

By [ConSecGroup] Schulex   |   31 May 19:30 UTC | Updated on 31 May 20:30 UTC

Hello! Just over a week ago, I announced the new image spotlight - this is where each month, the Public Relations department pick 1 image from #drivers-media OR #photo-of-the-month to win the grand prize of 5,000 bonus points and their image displayed on the VTC gallery!

After scanning through all the submissions (only images posted on the 22nd and after have been counted), I'm pleased to announce that... Cronbo has won the month of May! (Cronbo's image was picked before they got PRO, no bias here!)

Cronbo's 5,000 event points have been applied and their image will be uploaded to the VTC page soon! With that being said.. it's now time to begin the month of June! Starting on the 1st of May at 00:00 UTC, you can post your favourite pictures taken on the roads of ETS2 or ATS! From late night drives to summer hauling, we don't mind! All submissions are welcome and we can't wait to see what you can all produce!

Their wonderful image can be seen over @ or just below this...

Stay safe, happy trucking!

  • Kieran (instatoys), Chief Operations Officer


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